Fredrickville Pictures

He doesnt understand....

editing is fun
This guy has NO idea how gay he looks; or why everyone calls him gay

best part, look in the background at my friend mike.. his expression is priceless....

"ps" i know no one wants to see this


Riev_Mordred @ 03/19/06 4:23am
"Looks like that bitch is wearing my hat."

LittleMega @ 03/19/06 1:31pm
"my question would be.. how did he then.. get that hat...... hmmmm?"

Batman @ 03/23/06 7:38pm
"He's cute... "

jackoffjill @ 04/02/06 3:44pm
"is his name tom???????"

LittleMega @ 04/18/06 3:44pm
"his name is joe"

Spoonman @ 04/25/06 3:15pm
"Who is the fatty?"

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