Fredrickville Pictures

this is my french host sister


Spoonman @ 02/22/06 10:18pm
"Zut Alors!"

Riev_Mordred @ 02/24/06 2:50pm
"Looks like a dude, and a guy named Steve"

chronic_groupie @ 02/24/06 3:10pm
"it is her and her twin brother. goupil, you're a dick"

Riev_Mordred @ 02/24/06 3:35pm
"They are NOT Twins."

chronic_groupie @ 02/24/06 8:09pm

Savvy_Ninja @ 02/25/06 12:54am
"She looks not french at all"

cherrybomb @ 01/22/08 8:38pm
"that boy is sexy... why have i not seen this picture before?"

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