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me, kelcey and nicole

acting like idiots when playing flashlight tag


Riev_Mordred @ 02/13/06 7:17pm
"*holds up hands* Who ARE you?"

chronic_groupie @ 02/15/06 4:39pm
"i was just waiting for that"

Hauck @ 02/15/06 6:21pm
"seriously! im with chris on this one who the hell are you? also flashlight tag is kinda unfair. I mean who can out run a beam of light?"

Savvy_Ninja @ 02/15/06 7:43pm
"Chuck Norris can"

chronic_groupie @ 02/15/06 9:48pm

Riev_Mordred @ 02/16/06 8:08pm
"I think I recognize the blonde on the left, maybe.... I'm still confused. WHO ARE YOU"

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