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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers X

This person is VERY serious about Power Rangers...Probably Jeff Chase.


TittiesMcGee @ 01/25/06 2:33pm
"hee hee hee.. Kimberly is supposed to have a skirt. Not Trini though, Trini is a big dike. "

Kallie @ 01/25/06 2:43pm
"Chris Huckins, don't lie. You drew it."

Dan @ 01/28/06 10:28am
"The black rangers crotch is lacking"

Batman @ 01/28/06 4:45pm
"A very gay and accurate observation, Dan."

Batman @ 04/29/06 6:50pm
"I like how Sarah knows one of the girls doesn't have a skirt. She's a huge geek."

Lambic @ 05/17/06 9:18am
"Gold ranger was cooler when he was the green ranger"

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