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who ate these?


Snock @ 01/16/06 8:33am
"I had one, It had pink frosting and sprinkles."

Riev_Mordred @ 01/16/06 1:03pm
"Those were rather sketchy donuts"

TittiesMcGee @ 01/22/06 11:33pm
"No one even knew where they came from."

chronic_groupie @ 01/23/06 2:29pm
"brett. how many times do i have to tell you... those were not sprinkles, they were chunks of meat"

Pinkstar @ 06/15/06 4:26pm
"this is an awesome picture of you, its my favorite"

SpIkE @ 10/23/06 9:58pm
"here here! I AGREE"

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