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love is in the air


Riev_Mordred @ 01/16/06 12:47am
"Man, they both totally look like they have black eyes. "

Savvy_Ninja @ 01/16/06 9:08pm
"Evil? I think so"

TittiesMcGee @ 01/22/06 11:26pm
"There is officially a picture of me with Kallie showing her gum. I feel like I have joined a club, like I have finally really been accepted amongst you all."

FredFredrickson @ 01/24/06 10:52am
"look at my gum look at my gum!!1 "

SpIkE @ 12/25/06 4:54pm
"LOOK AT MY GUUUUUUUUUN.....ahem....gum."

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