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rc_dp @ 05/06/05 9:30pm
"what do you think he was looking at?"

imdabest2224 @ 05/06/05 11:02pm
"that man is such a waste"

Snock @ 06/15/05 11:19am
"I seemed to be hypnotised by the mans shiney watch"

ThatSam @ 07/13/05 12:03am
"you had to make a whole new catagory for this?"

ThatSam @ 07/13/05 11:03am

FVRepublicans @ 08/28/05 12:02pm
"Support 322!"

jackoffjill @ 05/02/06 4:49pm
"that man is such a retard i just want to drag him out into the middle of the street and have micheal jacksons surgeon do him up"

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