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Salvation of the Swine

Cali Trip
Eschatological Interlude.


Riev_Mordred @ 10/09/05 3:52pm

SpIkE @ 10/10/05 10:33am
"that fucking happened on the Cali trip!!!!"

Riev_Mordred @ 10/10/05 9:44pm
"Andy, Sarah is NOT that hot in the water. I mean look at the size of her ears, that is NOT Sarah"

shoelacelove @ 10/10/05 10:56pm
"whats with the sandwich in the corner?"

FreakBurrito @ 10/14/05 10:42am
"Steak and Cheese?"

FreakBurrito @ 10/14/05 10:42am

SpIkE @ 09/07/06 11:51am
"but that IS me and you gou pulling that pig along"

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