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Bike Week '03

Paul: Does Brian seem gay to you?
Aaron: Yeah... pretty much...
Mike: Oh yeah! Brian LOVES the cock!


FreakBurrito @ 04/08/05 12:18am
"Your damn right I'm happy and I love my own penis."

SpIkE @ 04/08/05 12:31am
"I love it when people make "gay" mean happy when it clearly wasn't meant that way."

FreakBurrito @ 04/08/05 12:47am
"I'll gay your ass."

SpIkE @ 04/08/05 2:50am
"Now that is REALLY gay!"

FreakBurrito @ 04/08/05 9:38am
"But that yould make you ever gayer. Gaylord."

SpIkE @ 04/08/05 1:54pm
"That didn't make sense Brian."

FreakBurrito @ 04/08/05 2:31pm
"The reciever is more gay, then the fiver. Dumbass."

FreakBurrito @ 04/08/05 2:31pm

SpIkE @ 04/09/05 6:15pm
"I never agreed to it though."

flushmaster2000 @ 05/03/05 5:07am
"Yeah Brian, don't try to use Jeff's so-called logic. It won't get you anywhere."

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