Fredrickville Pictures

Me with Chronicgroupie 1

the Devotchkas
probably the best picture of Ri and me on this roll of film..and one of the only pictures that does not include at least one su-fi


chronic_groupie @ 09/06/05 8:44pm
"we are laying on a blanket, that is why may hair is doing crazy things. I love this picture and i loved this summer. My god, this had to be the ONLY picture that wasnt su-fi 'ed "

Riev_Mordred @ 09/07/05 3:28am

Batman @ 09/18/05 9:21pm
"Ha ha. I see the Batgirl shirt. Abbey will want to fight you."

ThatSam @ 01/07/06 9:41pm
"I know there is a su-fi just outside the picture"

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