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I'm so hot

my awkward phase
my cake definitely says "Happy Birthday #1 *Nsync Fan Kallie"

You're all jealous. Don't lie.


chronic_groupie @ 08/26/05 4:35pm
"i am SO jealous"

Riev_Mordred @ 08/26/05 8:22pm
"I always knew Kallie was a homo, but would anyone listen?"

shoelacelove @ 08/26/05 11:18pm
"haha, I love this picture."

TittiesMcGee @ 08/28/05 5:27pm
"you are so sexy it makes me hurt."

InvisibleCola @ 08/29/05 9:09am
"It just makes me hurt."

cherrybomb @ 08/30/05 9:16am

Riev_Mordred @ 08/30/05 4:19pm
"I can't believe your parents actually put that on your cake. My parents forced me to make my own cakes "

uglymeg @ 09/04/05 12:06pm
"i'm incredibly jealous. i wish i resembled tm. it would make my life complete. you are the #1 nsync fan, don't lie."

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