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this is about.. what i love for.


Savvy_Ninja @ 08/26/05 3:51am
"Lazytown is lame"

LittleMega @ 08/26/05 9:29am
"are you effing kidding me? its probably the greatest kids show around today."

L @ 08/26/05 11:50pm
"I want hair like that..."

Savvy_Ninja @ 08/28/05 1:24am
"nope, not kidding, it's just plain stupid"

LittleMega @ 08/28/05 1:39am
"yeah. teaching kids to love life and be healthty and happy is pretty stupid. they should ahve an emo kids show that tells them about how all girlfriends are evil demons that make them cry blood in the corners of their rooms. that should teach them how to react to the real world."

Riev_Mordred @ 08/29/05 9:46pm
"Telletubbies does exactly what you're presenting, and I think we can all agree its pretty stupid."

LittleMega @ 08/30/05 1:00am
"yeah. but on lazytown.. they actually speak english.. even tho they're icelandic. thats pretty impressive in itself"

GGagnon @ 01/05/08 2:44pm
"I sense a little pedophilia going on here..."

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