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What a loser
Savvy_Ninja tries to give himself a false image by posting picture of him sparring and shit, but i know the truth... he really dances all day and it looks JUST like this, i swear


Riev_Mordred @ 08/10/05 1:19am
"God damnit, he got sexier. Oh my word"

chronic_groupie @ 08/10/05 1:25am
"NO. he is not sexy, he is a dork"

Riev_Mordred @ 08/10/05 3:24am
"Frank Stetson is a sexy mother fucker, damnit. If I were a cute girl I'd totally give him the sex"

The Mexican @ 08/10/05 9:06am
"FRANK....yea im with goupil...hes a sexy ass dude. not as sexie as me...but...hes almost there."

Riev_Mordred @ 08/10/05 12:55pm
"Thats totally Frank dancing and shiet. Frank rocks so hard"

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