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classy lady

um... red high heels, pink knee highs, and a pirate baithing suit bottom.. umm what more could you ask for...


VideoVillainMan @ 08/08/05 10:29pm
"That is fucking awesome! Pirates are awesome!! Pirates on women are better! The only thing more I could ask for is the shot further up!"

VideoVillainMan @ 08/08/05 10:29pm

LittleMega @ 08/08/05 11:01pm
"haaaa yeaaah, no. lol"

SpIkE @ 08/09/05 12:25am
"oh my god...meagan, you are crazy cool"

Riev_Mordred @ 08/09/05 1:06pm
"Andy has the coolest friends ever"

LittleMega @ 08/10/05 6:33pm
"hahaha.. hey, thanks citizens"

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