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su-fi spidey


Riev_Mordred @ 08/08/05 4:04pm

LittleMega @ 08/08/05 4:08pm
"yup. he used to sit right above my ehadboard at night. but uhh, now he doesnt because he fell on top of my head um.. a lot. so, he's in my window.. su-fi-ing the citizens"

chronic_groupie @ 08/08/05 5:24pm
"that is AWESOME"

LittleMega @ 08/08/05 6:15pm
"um yeahahahaha. everyone needs a posable spidey.. for this sole purpose. plus, you cane make him do the lord of the dance, and he can jack off...."

SpIkE @ 08/09/05 12:26am

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