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okay.. wow

just stupid
i guess i'm just weird? this is canada, and i am marrying canada. enjoy. you all get pinesol as a gift if you join the wedding party


chronic_groupie @ 08/08/05 12:55am
"i think i like you..."

The Mexican @ 08/08/05 1:37pm
"Oh canada. "FUCKING TOOTHPASTE" and my favorite "CHOCOLATE" along with that, thinking that club jet is a gay club. Goupil, Paul, Rayno, Brian, and Risley are the people you want to go to canada with. OF COURSE fake ID's. I love you guys. SOrry random."

Riev_Mordred @ 08/08/05 2:00pm
"You guys want some crack, eh?"

LittleMega @ 08/08/05 4:07pm
"this was a typical day in canada, eh"

Riev_Mordred @ 08/09/05 1:07pm
"Guys, that Strip Club had a LINE to get inside. I hate you all with everything that I am"

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