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Damn Lady

This lady got my first legal drink wrong! I ordered a 151 Rum shot on fire and she gave me a fucking oatmeal cookie shot! I don't know how you mix that up!

Though, oatmeal cookie shots are good!


Savvy_Ninja @ 08/04/05 12:12am
"Try a buttershot, pure awesomeness"

TittiesMcGee @ 08/04/05 10:05am
"ha ha ha... buttershots are for girls. Know how I know? I'm a girl and I love buttershots cuz there is no alcoholy taste to them. "

FreakBurrito @ 08/04/05 12:39pm
"You live for the drink."

The Mexican @ 08/06/05 5:54am
"brian you like drinks that come in pinappels and have huge straws and umbrellas."

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