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Hauck On Camera


Riev_Mordred @ 07/27/05 7:42pm
"Hauck always looks like an ass on camera."

Snock @ 07/28/05 2:25pm
"I wish I had a group of black people I could hang out with here in NH."

Riev_Mordred @ 07/28/05 2:31pm
"No you don't. Realize that Troy is in the back there. He's actually white. Only black guy there is in orange. Orange wearing motherfuckers are hardcore"

Snock @ 07/29/05 11:40am
"Is Paul about to shoot Eric in the spleen?....With his Digit Gun?"

Riev_Mordred @ 07/29/05 5:34pm
"YOU DO -NOT want to see Pauls "Digit Gun""

ThatSam @ 07/30/05 12:42am
"I find this picture has great artistic value. eight people standing firm in the sunlight mirror by the intence gaze into the camera. the guy in the background playing with a flame thrower is cool too."

The Mexican @ 07/31/05 10:58am
"wow paul and eric stand out...but eric REALLY STANDS OUT"

TooRahLoorah @ 07/31/05 9:23pm
"You should see him in a picture with not so low lighting"

Batman @ 08/01/05 8:52pm
"Doesn't California Adventure suck?"

flushmaster2000 @ 08/01/05 11:11pm
"California Adventure has way better rides."

Riev_Mordred @ 08/02/05 1:40pm
"The black people totally made their own circle away from Paul and Eric. This is why Paul looks depressed"

TooRahLoorah @ 08/03/05 4:19pm
"correction im like less than a quarter black"

TooRahLoorah @ 08/03/05 4:19pm
"and the kid in front is egyptian...then again thats the same thing"

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