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Awesome hat goupil lol

I heart hat shops.


VideoVillainMan @ 07/20/05 7:05pm
"I stab guu hats!"

Riev_Mordred @ 07/20/05 8:38pm
"Why the hell am I so fat?"

Savvy_Ninja @ 07/20/05 11:08pm
"Damn Goupil, it looks like something is eating your head"

ThatSam @ 07/20/05 11:38pm
"soo blury, aaahhggg"

Lambic @ 07/21/05 12:36am
"Goupil, you arent fat... If you were thin, I couldnt love you as much"

shoelacelove @ 07/24/05 6:16pm
"The hat looks a little annoyed."

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