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Some kids

Applebees fun.


Snock @ 06/23/05 9:46am
"lol, Brians the only one dressed up."

irisangelapearl @ 06/23/05 12:44pm
"why do i always look retarded."

FreakBurrito @ 06/23/05 7:37pm
"Brian is in his McDonalds uniform"

SpIkE @ 06/23/05 11:05pm
"i am the biggest pimp...ever"

chronic_groupie @ 06/23/05 11:10pm
"hmm, funny Andy, considering there are just as many guys surrounding you as girls"

TittiesMcGee @ 06/24/05 10:27am
"Its the glasses that make him the pimp. His hoes are out working the streets to make him some cizash."

SpIkE @ 06/24/05 11:24am
"Sarah knows what's up. I said PIMP, not playa"

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