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Our Caps

Sarah made us let her take pictures of our caps. Mine's better cause it's pink.


irisangelapearl @ 06/23/05 1:19am
"but mine says "Class of Jessica" so i own you and our whole there lol."

Snock @ 06/23/05 9:47am
"Are you serious Jess?"

FredFredrickson @ 06/23/05 12:03pm
"nice helmets"

chronic_groupie @ 06/23/05 2:22pm
"i am defiinitly stealing that idea when i graduate"

TittiesMcGee @ 06/24/05 10:27am
"You have to put rhinestones on it. I put rhinestones on them and they transformed from cool to friken awesome."

SpIkE @ 06/24/05 11:25am
"My camera!"

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