Fredrickville Pictures

Spofford and Chris

Grad Party
i don't even know.....but chris wanted this posted somewhere on FV so here you go chris :)


flushmaster2000 @ 06/19/05 10:11pm
"Chris Huckins totally looks like Napoleon Dynamite."

Kallie @ 06/19/05 10:15pm

RLCvballgurl @ 06/20/05 12:28am
"It's ok kallie i forgive you :)"

Batman @ 06/21/05 11:00pm
"I look fat."

SpIkE @ 06/22/05 4:10pm
"Spoff's eyes rule!"

shoelacelove @ 06/22/05 5:41pm

RLCvballgurl @ 06/22/05 10:27pm
"i love spofford, she really looks retarded in this picture lol"

flushmaster2000 @ 06/23/05 10:23pm
"No Robyn, you look retarded in this picture. Now STFU NOOB!"

Firesoulkeeper @ 07/16/05 10:56pm
"so much negitivity"

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