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always a northfield girl!
figured i'd post a pic cuz i can...this is the most recent in existance.... ya know how it goes... like my hat? i think i took this the end of february.... not that it matters.... fun fun.... ;)


Riev_Mordred @ 05/04/05 10:47pm
"Northfield sucks."

flushmaster2000 @ 05/04/05 11:21pm
"Dude... who are you?"

SpIkE @ 05/05/05 1:50am

Kallie @ 05/05/05 2:45pm
"Grenier's sister, silly."

flushmaster2000 @ 05/05/05 2:52pm
"Oh damn, now I feel stupid lol. Seriously though, I totally didn't reconize her."

Riev_Mordred @ 05/05/05 8:41pm
"She's very Grenier-ish"

FredFredrickson @ 05/06/05 8:56am
"my monitor is dark, all i see is black"

cherrybomb @ 05/06/05 9:26am
"me too"

spamlover @ 05/06/05 3:27pm
"take more drugs...... do you know how much alcohol it would take to make you pretty? what sex position makes ugly babies? go ask your parents....."

flushmaster2000 @ 05/06/05 3:33pm
"Whoa, so out of line. And that's a really bad picture of her, she's actually a very cute girl."

chronic_groupie @ 05/06/05 3:35pm
"and we ALL know that talia is the hottest thing ever *note sarcasm*"

flushmaster2000 @ 05/06/05 3:39pm
"Hey she must be, Jeff wouldn't cyber with just anyone."

Riev_Mordred @ 05/06/05 4:15pm
"Go get drawn by Jeff. Talia, seriously, back off a bit "

Pinkstar @ 05/06/05 6:34pm
"I think she was just talking about herself. I mean come on, a horny drunken sailor wouldn't touch that."

chronic_groupie @ 05/06/05 10:05pm
"well said pinkstar, well said"

TooRahLoorah @ 05/07/05 2:28am
"o I wanna make fun of the stupid jealos fat chick who has fat and stupid cyber sex"

cherrybomb @ 05/07/05 4:08am
"can i just say that talia is bitch........ thats really all i wanted to comment on.... really!"

chronic_groupie @ 05/07/05 5:03pm
"yes, talia is bitch"

FredFredrickson @ 05/09/05 12:21pm
"she was banned"

The Mexican @ 05/16/05 1:15am

BOB_THE_SOBER @ 06/04/05 6:36pm
"Pinkstar's right, I know, I am a sailor."

Grenya @ 07/29/05 9:09am
"Hmm... Where do you live spamlover?"

The Mexican @ 08/18/05 4:50am
"OHHOHOHOH SHIT your pretty much fucked...Grenyas pissed now....dont fuck with his family tellin ya...youll end up dead....OHOHOH MAN "

FredFredrickson @ 09/16/05 10:23am
"she won't reply, she's been banned"

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