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a pretty picture

hell yes glamour shots :) this is the only picture i've ever liked of myself


FredFredrickson @ 05/03/05 3:56pm
"3 questions. 1. was this a professionally done picture? and 2. If so, were you naked? and 3 if so, was that really embarrasing?"

cherrybomb @ 05/03/05 4:24pm
"ya kinda do look naked, but, if you were, you are a cooler person for it. i have no idea why. but yea its a kick ass pic of you ri!"

chronic_groupie @ 05/03/05 4:30pm
"ok #1 yes the pisture was professionally done #2 i was not naked the dress i was wearing had really thin straps (hidden behind my arm) oh yes, admit it, I'm gorgeous. lol"

flushmaster2000 @ 05/03/05 6:50pm
"You totally look like Chloe Sevingy in this one."

SpIkE @ 05/03/05 10:28pm
"Yeah, you look hot. Nice work!"

Riev_Mordred @ 05/03/05 11:31pm
"Guys, seriously. I'm scared. Krystin is hot, and attractive. My world just shattered."

FredFredrickson @ 05/04/05 9:44am
"oh ho ho you lose riev"

cherrybomb @ 05/04/05 10:50am
"whats so big about ri being hott? is she not suppose to be? now i can otally say im friends with the hott girl! yes my life is complete..... and really really sad........."

chronic_groupie @ 05/04/05 2:55pm
"WOOT! Im hott!"

Belle @ 05/05/05 8:21pm
"She lies... she really is naked :-p"

spamlover @ 05/06/05 3:28pm
"pre playboy,...."

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