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Brian wins, or does he?


FreakBurrito @ 05/02/05 6:55pm
"I'm 3-0 for shot glass checkers. Who wants to be the next loser?"

flushmaster2000 @ 05/03/05 5:12am
"I don't know, is your work hiring?"

SpIkE @ 05/03/05 10:29pm

flushmaster2000 @ 05/06/05 2:39pm
"It was a referance to another picture posted in this section."

spamlover @ 05/06/05 3:34pm
"CUM SHOTS!!!!!"

Pinkstar @ 05/06/05 10:52pm
"How many shots did you do? "

FreakBurrito @ 05/07/05 1:12am
"I did 1. Poor Sarah, had 12. I rock."

Pinkstar @ 05/07/05 10:21am
"nah she drank you under the table, she rocks."

BOB_THE_SOBER @ 06/04/05 6:40pm
"sorry brian but more booze = winner"

TittiesMcGee @ 06/16/05 1:20pm
"Its true. I do rock. And also if you look at this title it says, "or does he...""

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