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In the header

Ugly people
If you look at the header of this page, these people are in the picture. Damn they are ugly.


chronic_groupie @ 04/21/05 9:44pm
"i didnt even notice the header until you pointed it out.. thanks alot, now i have to look at the ugly people"

InvisibleCola @ 04/24/05 6:20pm
"Robbie and Kallie after graduation."

Riev_Mordred @ 04/26/05 1:37am
"Which one is which?"

InvisibleCola @ 04/27/05 1:36pm
"Both are and will forever be androgenous, so, wild guess. "

spamlover @ 05/06/05 3:40pm
"do you have a permit for that cow?"

TittiesMcGee @ 06/16/05 1:22pm
"Thanks guys, those are my cousins."

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