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idiot brother

This is what an idiot looks like. Do not talk to this guy if you see him ANYWHERE.

My brother is a tool


FredFredrickson @ 04/18/05 5:33pm

chronic_groupie @ 04/18/05 5:46pm

flushmaster2000 @ 04/18/05 7:30pm
"That guitar is a piece of shit."

InvisibleCola @ 04/18/05 7:47pm
"I'd tap him."

InvisibleCola @ 04/18/05 7:48pm
"How old is he, by the way?"

chronic_groupie @ 04/18/05 9:18pm
"We are twins... isn't that sad"

Kallie @ 04/19/05 8:03am

flushmaster2000 @ 04/19/05 3:36pm
"Kallie, you already have some twins."

cherrybomb @ 04/20/05 6:20am
"don't be mean to him ri!"

chronic_groupie @ 04/20/05 3:31pm
"oh, im sorry, im supposed to be nice to a total asshole, what was i thinking?"

Fista @ 04/27/05 3:35pm
"how aware of this posting of his picture is he?"

chronic_groupie @ 04/28/05 11:15pm
"very unaware... dont tell him"

Belle @ 05/05/05 8:19pm
"*agrees... and knows seeing as there was two months of insanity spent with him*"

spamlover @ 05/06/05 3:44pm
"i like the long necks..."

imdabest2224 @ 05/06/05 10:55pm
"well i think that kid is hot!!"

mynameisjonas @ 05/11/05 11:29pm
"i actually think he's kinda cool.... can't really play but cool none the less"

chronic_groupie @ 06/18/05 3:34pm
"meh, we get along sometime, but he was being really horrible to me there for a while. And yes jonas, he CAN NOT play"

countrygurl69 @ 07/29/05 2:17pm
"I love Justin soooo much. I know that he really misses me!"

chronic_groupie @ 07/29/05 2:55pm
"he says when you come to visit that he is going to leave the country "

countrygurl69 @ 07/31/05 10:17am
"wow, i never did nething to him. screw him anyway"

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