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I knew if I didn't have photo proof, no one would believe me....


SpIkE @ 04/11/05 7:44pm
"It's not like that counts as getting kissed, Brian."

Hauck @ 04/11/05 9:33pm
"what a little pimp"

Riev_Mordred @ 04/12/05 4:04am
"The one of the left probably was paid, the right one looks to be Bresse. Way to score chicks that hate you."

FreakBurrito @ 04/13/05 10:11am
"I love you to goupil."

Riev_Mordred @ 04/22/05 1:15pm
"You spelled 'too' wrong. I still say the one on the left was paid."

SpIkE @ 05/09/05 10:33pm
"this never happened."

FreakBurrito @ 05/11/05 8:54am
"What do you mean it never happened?"

TooRahLoorah @ 05/28/05 5:21pm
"The one on the right looks pretty into it"

FredFredrickson @ 11/17/06 10:35am
"Brian looks 15 in this"

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