Fredrickville Pictures

Crusin in the Corsica

This is me, driving down Zion Hill road, the morning after prom, using my leftover pictures.


Riev_Mordred @ 04/12/05 11:54am
"Who the shit takes pictures of themselves while driving?"

Hauck @ 04/23/05 7:12pm
"And its the WARSICA"

FreakBurrito @ 05/07/05 1:16am
"I do jackass, and yes it is."

irisangelapearl @ 09/15/05 5:25pm
"you look really young"

FreakBurrito @ 02/01/06 11:59am
"Absolute total lack of distinguishable facial hair, really chubby cheeks. semi-cool looking glasses. Yup, I guess I do."

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